Turkey: The Rise of Erdogan's Empire

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has grown into a political giant, reshaping Turkey more than any leader in recent times. This fascinating political documentary charts his rise from humble roots to a powerful, controversial ruler. How did he reach such heady heights, what methods has he used to quell dissent, what controversies have dogged his regime and how far is he willing to go to hang onto power?

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Turkey: The Rise of Erdogan's Empire on BBC Select

EP 1: Rise To Power
The early political life of Erdogan including imprisonment and a remarkable comeback.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is one of the most powerful rulers in Turkish history. But where did he come from? This fascinating documentary charts his rise from the popular mayor of Istanbul to a period in prison and banishment from political life. He soon reversed this ban and became a pioneering Prime Minister. But after 10 years of rule, a massive protest movement threatened to topple his government.

Ep 2: Facing Dissent
Erdogan cracks down hard on dissent, becoming the most powerful leader of modern Turkey.

After a decade in office Erdogan, once a popular ruler in Turkey, now faced a massive protest movement, coupled with a corruption scandal. This compelling political documentary looks at how Erdogan quashed dissent and consolidated his power, eventually becoming President. But soon a violent coup would put his life in danger. How would Erdogan survive this latest attempt to oust him from office?

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