Untold: The Wests

It’s one of Britain’s most notorious crimes: a killer couple, Fred and Rose West, living in a house of horrors. The 12 women killing spree went undiscovered for years. With exclusive witness testimony and rarely seen archival footage, this definitive true crime documentary reveals the true horror of The Wests. Told by those who lived it, this is the story of how an innocuous couple became notorious killers.

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Untold: The Wests on BBC Select

EP 1: Murder Unearthed

In March 1994, a grisly discovery is made in an ordinary suburban garden. Bodies are found at the home of Fred and Rose West. The remains include their missing daughter and local residents who mysteriously disappeared without trace. But, as this shocking true crime documentary reveals, this is only the beginning. The question for investigators is how much worse can this nightmare get?

EP 2: The House of Horrors

As the extent of their hideous crimes emerge, the Wests soon turn on each other. The true horror of life at the home of Fred and Rose West begins to emerge. Abuse, rape, violence and uniquely twisted sexual activities come to light. In a shocking twist during the investigation, the Wests turn on each other. After implicating his wife, Fred West commits suicide. Now Rose is the focus of the investigations. But how involved was she in the hideous events that took place in her home?

EP 3: Twisted Nature

As the murder trial approaches, the true twisted nature of Rose West is revealed. The date of the murder trial draws near as investigators peel back the layers of crimes at The Wests’ home. They find a woman with an appetite for extreme violence, cruelty and the darkest of sexual desires. But with little to go on beyond circumstantial evidence, and her husband now dead, can she be successfully convicted?

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