Waterloo's Warriors

The army that defeated Napoleon and the French at Waterloo is often regarded as a quintessentially English force. But most of the soldiers under the Duke of Wellington’s command were not English. Through their own accounts, this compelling history documentary tells the stories of the Scots, Irish, Welsh, Dutch, and German troops who fought the battle and of the families who travelled with them.

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Ep 1: Eyes of War
It was one of history’s bloodiest battles that changed the face of Europe forever.

Waterloo was one of the bloodiest and most decisive battles in history. The Irish-born Duke of Wellington engaged his army into what would be the last major pitched battle in history, with his countrymen and kilted Highlanders to the fore. This fascinating history documentary uses the testimony of the men who were there to tell the story of a battle where an estimated 50,000 died in 10 hours.

Ep 2: Last Stand at Waterloo
The conclusion of the Battle of Waterloo, with Wellington snatching victory from Napoleon.

With 200,000 men fighting over a small area of land, the Battle of Waterloo was an amazing, gory spectacle. This astonishing history documentary looks at the battle’s conclusion and the tactics of both Napoleon and Wellington that swung the skirmish in England’s favor. But the human cost is also explored, such as Elizabeth McMullen who heroically rescued her injured husband from the battlefield.

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