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Border Country

Border Country

How are borders created and what impact do they have on nations and individuals? In this compelling documentary series, historian and former politician Rory Stewart investigates the Scottish-English borders, one of the most brutally contested frontiers in history and the Roman construction of Hadrian’s Wall. He also draws on illuminating border stories from Iraq, Bosnia, and Afghanistan.

Ep 1: Building the Wall
How Hadrian’s Wall between England and Scotland still impacts life in Britain today. The building of Hadrian’s Wall was one of the single most important events in Britain’s history.This dividing line between England and Scotland, created by the Romans, has repercussions still felt today. In this insightful history documentary, Rory Stewart explores the impact of Rome’s occupation and departure, and the affect it had on the nations on each side of the divide.

EP 2: A Nation Divided
The role Hadrian’s Wall played in Britain being torn in two creating England and Scotland. Hadrian’s Wall cut a deep scar across Britain that would never be forgotten. 1000
years after the Romans left, the island split once again, near the line of the wall, into the Kingdoms of England and Scotland. Rory Stewart tells the story of how Britain was torn in two. The border country dividing Britain became a zone of anarchy, as violent as border areas in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Most Dangerous Man In Tudor England

Image of the most dangerous man in Tudor

He was a man whose life and legacy have been hidden from history, but whose impact on Christianity in Britain endures today. In this BBC history documentary, Melvyn Bragg explores the dramatic story of William Tyndale and his mission to translate the Bible into English. His radical work made him a profound threat to the authority of the church and set him on a fateful collision course with Henry VIII’s heretic hunters.

Carols from Kings

Watch Carols from Kings on BBC Select

Enter the unforgettable atmosphere of the candlelit chapel of King’s College, Cambridge and delight in this traditional celebration of Christmas.

The world-famous choir will sing carols old and new, including favorites such as O Come All Ye Faithful and Hark! the Herald Angels Sing.

The story of the Nativity will also be shared during this magnificent festive treat.

Jesus' Family Tree

Watch Jesus' Family Tree on BBC Select

Jesus was the single child of a nuclear family with his parents, Mary and Joseph. At least, that’s the traditional image. But Jesus lived 2000 years ago in a society where an extended family was the norm.

This fascinating two-part documentary reveals evidence from both the gospels and archaeology showing that Jesus not only had a vast family network, but this network inspired and supported him.

The Bible: A History

Watch The Bible: A History on BBC Select

It’s the bestselling book in history that has shaped politics, culture and human experience through the ages. Though it originated thousands of years ago in the Middle East it’s still the basis of fierce debate and intensive scholarship to this day.

Now, seven people from different walks of life offer their perspectives on what The Bible says about spiritual life and our relationships with others in this documentary series about the Bible.