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Did Darwin Kill God?

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If evolution is incompatible with God, why is its father, Charles Darwin, buried in Westminster Abbey – one of the most famous religious sites in the world?

Noted atheist Richard Dawkins insists you can’t have both, but as theologian Conor Cunningham discovers in this BBC documentary on religion and evolution, Christianity and science haven’t always been at war. Is there really blood on Darwin’s hands?

It’s a murder case that will never go cold.

Divine Women

Divine Women with Bettany Hughes on BBC Select

Why is the role of women in religion so controversial and has it always been that way? Award winning historian Bettany Hughes explores the complex attitudes towards women and religion, from 10,000 BC to the present day, in this enthralling BBC history documentary.

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A History of Christianity

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In this illuminating BBC documentary series, Diarmaid MacCulloch, one of the world’s leading historians, reveals the genesis of Christianity and explores what it means to be a Christian.

Mars Uncovered: Ancient God of War

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Classicist Bettany Hughes investigates the enduring relationship between violence and worship by following the trail, through time, of the ancient god of war: Mars.

Bacchus Uncovered: Ancient God of Ecstasy

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Is there more to Bacchus, the celebrated god of wine, debauchery and excess, than merely being a party animal?