Grand Designs

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Building your own dream home is the ultimate fantasy for many. But what happens when that dream turns into a nightmare?

In series 16 of Grand Designs, Kevin McCloud introduces some of Britain’s most ambitious self-building projects, as intrepid individuals attempt to design and construct their own homes. Along the way, these budding builders encounter countless issues that threaten to derail their vision.

Elizabeth: Her Passions and Pastimes

A celebration of the life of The Queen through the passions and pastimes she relished. From horses and dogs to TV, film, music and theatre, the distractions that gave Her Majesty the most pleasure are revealed. Featuring interviews from friends, members of the Royal Household, celebrities and those who have shared her passionate interests, an unseen side of The Queen emerges.

Nigellissima Christmas: An Italian Inspired Christmas

Watch Nigellissima Christmas: An Italian Inspired Christmas on BBC Select

Nigella Lawson and BBC Select are throwing an Italian-themed Christmas party and you’re all invited! For inspiration, Nigella travels to Venice.

Armed with recipe and party ideas for her festive feast, Nigella conjures up a tasty Christmas buffet menu.

There are cocktails, parmesan shortbreads, panettone stuffing squares, turkey stuffed with Italian sausage and much more.


Liberty Of London

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It’s one of the most unique shopping experiences on the planet. But what makes Liberty of London tick?

Founded in 1875 and housed in a huge, ornate building, the store is synonymous with luxury and daring design.

For the first time, cameras go behind the scenes in this fly-on-the-wall documentary and record all the conflicts and calamities that take place when the customer isn’t looking.

Get ready for some radical retail therapy.

World's Weirdest Homes

Watch World's Weirdest Homes on BBC Select

Get ready to drop in and pay a visit to some of the most bizarre, baffling, confusing and frankly ridiculous homes on the planet.

This unique documentary gives you privileged access to some of the most fascinating and unique properties in the world, including a brief stay at Mr Toilet’s toilet house (you can probably guess the theme of that one) and a cargo ship that’s been cut in half and stuck on a cliff.