Religion documentaries

Religion, faith, and deities have always guided and influenced societies. Sign up for BBC Select in the US and Canada to watch BBC religion documentaries presented by the likes of Louis Theroux, Richard Dawkins and Bettany Hughes, to see how belief systems have shaped cultures over the years.

The Bible: A History

Watch The Bible: A History on BBC Select

It’s the bestselling book in history that has shaped politics, culture and human experience through the ages. Though it originated thousands of years ago in the Middle East it’s still the basis of fierce debate and intensive scholarship to this day.

Now, seven people from different walks of life offer their perspectives on what The Bible says about spiritual life and our relationships with others in this documentary series about the Bible.

Christmas Carols with Lucy Worsley

Watch Christmas Carols with Lucy Worsley on BBC Select

Join historian Lucy Worsley on a journey to discover the stories behind some of our favorite Christmas songs and the history of carol singing.

Lucy quickly discovers that the origins of these festive carols suggest there’s more than meets the eye. From pagan fertility rituals and French renaissance jigs to a hymn for peace during World War One, learn more about the history of holiday traditions in this festive treat from the BBC.


Stream Rituals on BBC Select

Anglican priest Peter Owen Jones embarks on an epic year-long journey to experience 80 rituals practiced by different faiths across six continents.

This ambitious eight-part BBC documentary follows Peter around the globe as he witnesses and occasionally takes part in astonishing rites carried out by some of the world’s major religions, as well as lesser-known sects, tribes and new religious movements.

Confronting rituals that sometimes surprise him – and with rarely seen footage of customs and ceremonies – Owen Jones takes us on a journey of discovery, exploring humanity’s fascination with the divine.

Leaving Amish Paradise

Watch Leaving Amish Paradise on BBC Select

What happens when you take a culture that’s shunned the modern world and force it to live in the 21st century?

The Amish travel by horse and buggy and dress as their forebears did when they landed in America 300 years ago. Countless rules prevent them from using electric lights, radio, TV and mobile phones.

This documentary follows two Amish families struggling to get to grips with modernity.

Did Darwin Kill God?

Watch Did Darwin Kill God? on BBC Select

If evolution is incompatible with God, why is its father, Charles Darwin, buried in Westminster Abbey – one of the most famous religious sites in the world?

Noted atheist Richard Dawkins insists you can’t have both, but as theologian Conor Cunningham discovers in this BBC documentary on religion and evolution, Christianity and science haven’t always been at war. Is there really blood on Darwin’s hands?

It’s a murder case that will never go cold.