Science documentaries

Science and mathematics keep presenting opportunities for us to understand and shape the world in new, original, and sometimes troubling ways. From the world's first computer to vaccine conspiracy theories, sign up to BBC Select to watch some of the BBC science documentaries in the US and Canada.

Why Are We Still Searching for Fossil Fuels?

Why Are We Still Searching for Fossil Fuels?

Almost every country in the world has made a commitment to limit the rise in global warming to 1.5 degrees. The experts say that will only happen if we stop searching for new fossil fuels. So why is oil, coal and gas exploration still booming? This compelling science documentary investigates why we are still looking for buried carbon in almost every part of the globe.

Edge of Existence

edge of existence

The risk of human extinction has never been higher. Recent years have seen a global pandemic, a renewed nuclear threat and runaway climate change. New research predicts a 1 in 6 chance that life as we know it won’t make it to the end of this century. This compelling science documentary looks at the greatest risks to humanity and what we can do about it. Are we all doomed?

Aliens: The Big Think

aliens the big think

Are we really alone? Or are there others out there? And, if so, what do they look like? Britain’s Royal Astronomer Lord Martin Rees investigates the possibility of finding aliens with a similar biology to our own in this fascinating science documentary. Along with other astrobiology experts, he looks at the remarkable advances made in this area and the chances of unearthing extraterrestrial life.

Beyond Human: Artificial Intelligence and Us

Beyond Human

Machines are getting smarter. Much smarter. As they grow in power, could they pose an existential threat to the human race? Some of the minds behind the development of Artificial Intelligence think it could happen. This fascinating science documentary talks to AI experts about their hopes and fears and researchers developing tech that allows computers to read our emotions and even our minds.

Brain Hacks

How do we keep our brains healthy? And is there anything we can do to help strengthen crucial connections and keep our minds younger? In this fascinating science documentary, journalist Melissa Hogenboom sets out to understand more about the brain’s capacity to learn and to heal. She looks at cutting-edge scientific research and has her own brain scanned, with intriguing results.