Science documentaries

Science and mathematics keep presenting opportunities for us to understand and shape the world in new, original, and sometimes troubling ways. From the world's first computer to vaccine conspiracy theories, sign up to BBC Select to watch some of the BBC science documentaries in the US and Canada.

Beyond Human: Artificial Intelligence and Us

Beyond Human

Machines are getting smarter. Much smarter. As they grow in power, could they pose an existential threat to the human race? Some of the minds behind the development of Artificial Intelligence think it could happen. This fascinating science documentary talks to AI experts about their hopes and fears and researchers developing tech that allows computers to read our emotions and even our minds.

Science’s Greatest Mysteries

Science's Greatest Mysteries

Some of the biggest riddles and unknowns facing scientists today are investigated in this fascinating BBC documentary series. 

Does science have all the answers? It seems as if the more we discover, the more problems emerge. Exactly how old is our universe? Why are the two sides of our Moon so different? How did iron from space end up next to the body of Tutankhamun? Why do we even exist? Across six episodes, this science documentary series delves into some of the most perplexing problems faced by science and tries to find some solutions.

Fighter Pilot: The Real Top Gun

Watch Fighter Pilot: The Real Top Gun on BBC Select

Experience the real-life Top Gun with this action-packed documentary about Air Force Pilots. Hang onto your ejector seats as this nail-biting series follows rookie fighter pilots battling it out to be selected to fly the British Royal Air Force’s brand new F35 Lightning fighter jet.

With exclusive access, this fighter pilot documentary series gives a breathtaking, cockpit-eye view of what it’s like to be test pilots. Follow the young mavericks stepping into the danger zone as they aim to achieve their dreams of becoming top guns.

The World's First Computer

Watch The World's First Computer on BBC Select

It’s called the Antikythera Mechanism. A mysterious lump of calcified stone containing various gearwheels discovered in an ancient shipwreck. It’s thought to be one of the earliest-ever computers, used to predict solar eclipses and calculate the timing of the ancient Olympics.

The Story Of Maths

Stream Story Of Maths on BBC Select

From algorithms to economics, it’s impossible to think of a part of our world that isn’t determined by math. It’s the invisible glue that holds our world and its systems together. But what’s the human history behind the numbers?