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The all-new documentary on BBC Select seeks to uncover the truth behind Britney’s 13-year long conservatorship.

How to watch The Battle for Britney

The Battle for Britney: Fans, Cash and a Conservatorship available now on BBC Select. BBC Select is home to a range of critically-acclaimed documentaries from the BBC. Start your free trial on the Apple TV app and Amazon Prime Video Channels and enjoy a host of award-winning programming from the BBC and beyond today.

Perez Hilton: ‘I feel awful’

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton tells Mobeen Azhar that he regrets the things he used to blog about Britney – and explains why the #FreeBritney movement don’t trust him.

Brian Friedman: ‘Britney did not love losing her anonymity’

Britney’s former choreographer and close friend, Brian Friedman, shares how Britney Spears really felt about becoming one of the most famous pop stars in the world.

Catherine Falk tells Mobeen how a conservatorship impacted her family

Catherine Falk’s father, Peter Falk was the star of long-running detective series Columbo. Catherine tells Mobeen that her father’s dementia meant his wife became his conservator – giving her the power to allegedly block his children from visiting him.

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