Rebellion: The Stuarts In Exile

Rebellion: The Stuarts in Exile

In 1715, James Francis Stuart, son of deposed monarch James II, launched one of British history’s most audacious rebellions. He attempted to reclaim the throne from the Hanoverian King George I. In this enthralling history documentary, Dr. Clare Jackson tells the story of The Stuarts in Exile and reveals the political, military, and cultural threat they posed to the embryonic British state.

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Game of Crowns
The disastrous campaign by the deposed Catholic royals to regain the British throne.

The brother of Charles II, James II was Britain’s final Catholic monarch. His reign was beset by religious infighting, and he was eventually exiled to France. In this engrossing history documentary, Dr Clare Jackson looks at what the Stuart dynasty did next. James’s heir tried to reclaim the throne from the ruling Protestant king. But his disorganized campaign was to have disastrous consequences.

A New Hope
Did the Stuarts come much closer to regaining the British throne than previously believed?

The Stuarts attempts to regain the British throne has often been dismissed as a dynastic spat. But as Dr Clare Jackson reveals in this fascinating history documentary, the campaign involved widespread intrigue and covert plots between various European states. But why did so many Scots and English support the Catholic Stuarts and how close did the new Protestant regime come to destruction?

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