Secret World of Snacks

Secret world of snacks

They’re delicious, they’re irresistible. But they’re also riddled with scandal, intrigue, torment and betrayal. Beloved British comedian Jo Brand delves into the secret world of various British snacks in this highly entertaining fast-food documentary. The surprising history and hidden science behind ice cream, burgers, candy, sandwiches and breakfast cereal are all revealed.

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Episode 1: The Secret World of Ice Cream
The ‘cold’ war fought by various global brands to dominate the UK ice cream scene.

A ‘cold’ war developed between a number of famous British and global industries as they attempted to dominate the delicious world of ice cream. This fun food documentary, narrated by UK comedy legend Jo Brand, explains how frozen sweet treats arrived in Britain, leading to a bitter battle of the brands. Heavyweights from the industry reveal the tactics used to dominate Great Britain’s freezers.

Episode 2: The Secret World of Sandwiches
Get a slice of the action as we delve into the British fascination with sandwiches.

It’s no secret, Brits love sandwiches. But, as this fascinating documentary reveals, the development of the humble sandwich was a long and remarkable one. British comedy legend Jo Brand narrates the tale of UK ‘sarnies’, from the first ever pre-packaged sandwich to the mass appeal of Subway. As the big brands soon discovered, there’s plenty of bread to be made from the humble sandwich!

Episode 3: The Secret World of Christmas Chocolate
Naughty and nice stories of the UK’s favorite festive sweet treats and celebratory candy.

Christmas is a time for festive fun, glorious gifts and, perhaps most importantly, mouth-watering food. And Brits love their candy and sweet treats. In this delicious documentary, beloved comedian Jo Brand unwraps the naughty and nice stories of Christmas chocolate. As brands tried to entice British consumers, a less than appetizing tale of market domination and dirty tricks emerges.

Episode 4: The Secret World of Sweets
The nostalgic story of British confection perfection and delicious, sweet candy treats.

The world of British candy used to be quite a cozy arrangement between big brands Rowntree’s and Bassett’s. But as beloved comedian Jo Brand reveals in this tasty documentary, that all changed when rivals from abroad, Mars and Haribo, decided to enter the sweet treat market. Soon, crazy new products, fierce competition and deep resentments soured the world of candy confections.

Episode 5: The Secret World of Cereal
The remarkable story behind the battle of Britain’s breakfast cereal brands.

The battle for Britain’s dominant breakfast cereal has been fought for decades. American giant Kellogg’s fought their less well-known British rival Weetabix. Beloved British comedian Jo Brand tears open the story of Britain’s cereal competition in this fabulous, funny documentary. As these two companies went head-to-head, tastes changed and newcomers joined the market. Who would come out on top?

Episode 6: The Secret World Of Burgers
What goes into the perfect burger and how have they changed over the years?

A mainstay of American palates, the humble hamburger took a little longer to reach Britain. This insightful documentary, told by Jo Brand, lifts the curtain on an industry now worth billions in the UK. It’s the story of the battle between Wimpy, McDonald’s and Burger King, told by the industry titans behind some of the biggest brands. But what does the future hold for the great British burger?

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