Sandi's Wood

Sandi's Wood

British TV legend and QI host Sandi Toksvig and her wife Debbie have fulfilled their life-long dream of buying an ancient woodland. Dating from 1600, this beautiful 40-acre site is home to trees, streams, meadows, and a melting pot of species from fungi to foxes, lichens to little owls. But, as Sandi discovers, it’s overgrown, diseased and in need of serious TLC. Can they save their wood?

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Episode 1: Winter
TV star Sandi Toksvig begins her ambitious project to save an area of ancient woodland.

British national treasure and TV legend Sandi Toksvig, alongside her wife Debbie, has purchased an area of ancient woodland in beautiful Hampshire. Though it only accounts for a tiny proportion of the British landscape, it’s a vital component of the environment. But as Sandi discovers, trying to preserve these important habitats isn’t easy, especially in winter when the elements hamper progress.

Episode 2: Spring
There’s trouble with power tools as Sandi Toksvig gets to grips with her ancient woodland.

Spring finally arrives, which should help TV star and QI legend Sandi Toksvig, alongside her wife Debbie, in her quest to save an area of ancient woodland. But uncooperative power tools and the unpredictability of the British weather prove to be a challenge. But Sandi, and some new, eco-conscious pals, are determined to fell some problematic trees to help this woodland thrive.

Episode 3: Summer
As Summer arrives, Sandi Toksvig builds ponds and releases orphaned owls in the woods.

Sandi Toksvig and wife Debbie continue to restore an area of ancient woodland, despite their lack of forestry experience. As Summer arrives, they fell trees, build wildlife ponds, release orphaned owls into the wild and welcome new life and the sunshine back into the once overgrown forest. As they get to grips with nature, they grow to appreciate the beauty of the landscape around them.

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