South Korea with Alexander Armstrong

South Korea with Alexander Armstrong

South Korea is a nation of contrasts. It’s smaller than many states but can feel like another planet. Alexander Armstrong is getting to the heart of what makes the nation tick is in this engrossing travel documentary. Gangnam Style, Squid Games, K-Pop; South Korea is one of those places that’s always somewhere in our consciousness, but most people know little about this extraordinary country.

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South Korea with Alexander Armstrong on BBC Select

Ep 1
Alexander Armstrong kicks off his Korean adventure with a little Gangnam Style. The fabled district of Gangnam is immortalized by Psy’s Gangnam Style video, one of the most viewed songs on YouTube. Alexander Armstrong decides to kick off his epic Korean adventure in the area, as he attempts to discover the true South Korea. He then meets other internet stars helping to keep Korea on the global map including a record breaking ‘bulk-eater’ who joins Alexander for noodles.

EP 2
How will Alexander do as he attempts to play a version of Squid Game in South Korea? The international TV hit Squid Game has taken the world by storm. As his Korean adventure continues, Alexander Armstrong goes in search of the show’s origins and even plays a non-fatal, version of the game. He also visits the awesome Gyeonbokgung Palace, picks something up at the vast Yangnyeongsi herbal market, and explores the importance of wearing jaunty socks.

Ep 3
Alexander struggles with some South Korean seafood that’s trying to escape his plate! Let’s hope Alexander Armstrong has a strong stomach, as he concludes his South Korean adventure at the seaport of Busan. There he enjoys a variety of unusual seafood, including some items that are still wriggling on his plate! He also visit s a shaman for a slightly strange insomnia cure
and hopes to climb up the spellbinding Sunrise Peak. If he can avoid the area’s wild dogs.

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