Natural History

Poaching Wars with Tom Hardy

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Hollywood superstar and animal lover Tom Hardy travels across Africa to uncover the dark reality of the illegal poaching of rhinos and elephants. The slaughter of these beasts could lead to extinction if more is not done to stop the trade in rhino horns and ivory.

Tom meets various people involved in anti-poaching missions who hope to give these majestic animals a future.

Nature And Us: A History Through Art

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In this groundbreaking arts documentary, BBC Select explores the often complex relationship that human beings have with the natural world. Taking a unique approach, Dr James Fox uses art as evidence of our developing attitudes towards nature across the globe and throughout history, from prehistory to the present.

Can culture help to explain our evolving relationship with nature?

Wild Weather: Our World Under Threat

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And now it’s time for the weather…

Is climate change leading to ‘freak’ weather events becoming more frequent and intense?

Record-breaking high temperatures in the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Floods in Germany that swept away entire villages. A plague of mice in Australia’s New South Wales. BBC Select investigates the increase in bizarre weather events in this eye-opening science documentary. Is climate change leading to meteorological conditions that threaten us all and is it too late to do anything about it?

History of Mother Earth: Gaia Uncovered

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Did you know pollution has a sound? Acclaimed historian Bettany Hughes learns that the impact we have on the planet can even be heard from space in History of Mother Earth: Gaia Uncovered.

What can the ancient world’s vision of the planet, such as the legend of powerful Greek Goddess Gaia, teach us? Acclaimed historian Bettany Hughes explores our relationship with Mother Earth in this fascinating documentary on BBC Select.

Now, more than ever, our use and misuse of the planet is under scrutiny. Can the past hold the answers to how we can possibly have a future on the Earth?

Australia on Fire: Climate Emergency

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BBC Select is taking you into the heart of a terrifying firestorm in this dramatic account of the battle to save Australia from the bushfires that ravaged the country.

First-hand accounts from frontline firefighters reveal what it is like to take on a completely unpredictable enemy. Is this disaster a glimpse into a future world where temperatures have been allowed to rise to dangerous levels?