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Stream a range of BBC documentaries that explore global politics and that provide expert analysis and insights from those close to the story. From accounts of the 20th century's pivotal political events to biographies of modern political figures, BBC Select brings you documentaries about the politics that shape our world.

Storming the Capitol: The Inside Story

In scenes that shocked the world, the very heart of the US government was stormed by a crowd of Trump supporters on 6th January 2021. Robert Moore was part of the only news crew who filmed the rioters inside the Capitol as they wreaked havoc. He tells the story of that terrifying day that became the defining and dramatic conclusion to President Trump’s ill-fated time in office.

Magna Carta

The Magna Carta is perhaps the most famous constitutional document in history. Originally created to curb the wrongdoings of King John, it contributed to making everyone – including the monarch – subject to the rule of law. The document, which was inked on animal skin, had a profound influence on England and the wider world and it inspired many others, including the American Declaration of Independence and the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In this BBC documentary, renowned historian David Starkey explores the origins of the Magna Carta, and poses the question whether it is time to resurrect this document that is the symbol of individual freedom.

Churchill's First World War

Watch Churchill's First World War on BBC Select

This gripping drama-documentary reveals British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s extraordinary experiences during World War I.

Intimate letters to his wife Clementine tell the story largely in Churchill’s own words.

Dark political intrigue, a passionate love story and remarkable military adventures combine to show how the Churchill of 1940 was forged by his experience in the First World War.

Trump: The Comeback?

Trump The Comeback Documentary

Donald Trump’s future is still uncertain. While he hints at attempting one of the biggest political comebacks of all time, the chances of it actually happening is far from guaranteed. In this new BBC documentary, journalist Katty Kay travels across America interviewing Trump’s supporters and adversaries to understand more about his aspirations and to discover whether American democracy can weather the storm if Trump does run again.

Leaving Afghanistan

Leaving Afghanistan Documentary

Political insiders tell the story of the US-led coalition’s desperate attempts to end the war in Afghanistan during its two decades of occupation.

When America finally withdrew its troops from Afghanistan in August 2021, it was the culmination of almost 20 years of failed attempts to bring an end to the conflict – and a decision that effectively surrendered Afghanistan to the resurgent Taliban. What started as a mission to capture Osama Bin Laden, ended with four successive presidents trying to find a way to end a campaign that killed tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians and destroyed a nation. Now insiders and experts key players and politicians tell the story of this disastrous war.