Inside The Ritz Hotel

Inside The Ritz Hotel

The Ritz opens its doors, allowing us to see the workings of one of the world’s most luxurious hotels. For over a century, this rarified London icon has been synonymous with opulence and extravagant cuisine. Celebrities love it, royalty graces its hallowed halls and billionaires frequently drop in. How does one of the most traditional hotels in the world stand out from the rest?

World's Most Luxurious

Worlds most luxurious

Get ready to be showered in sheer splendor as the most decadent items on the planet are revealed. This eye-opening documentary series takes a privileged view inside the world’s most luxurious yachts, homes, cars, private jets, hotels, and trains. Tricks of the trade are revealed by experts whose job it is to provide the ultimate opulence for discerning, super-rich clients.

Royal Holiday Secrets

Royal Holiday Secrets

The British royal family are used to the finer things in life. So why should the places they go to unwind be any different? This eye-opening documentary explores what the royals do to relax, shows their favorite places to escape and looks at how royal holidays have changed through the decades. From their passion for safaris to their love of Mustique, secrets from regal vacations will be revealed.

Secrets Of The Royal Gardens

Discover little-known facts and horticultural wonders hidden in royal parks and gardens.

Go behind castle gates and palace walls to uncover little-known facts about some regal horticultural wonders. This stunning documentary series takes us behind the scenes of Britain’s royal gardens and parks, including Buckingham Palace, Kew Gardens and Balmoral. Along the way, the Queen’s bee-keeping skills, Princess Diana’s favorite garden spot and mysterious pyramids will be revealed.

The World's Most Secret Hotels

Image of a person sitting in a chair with mountains in the background

Discover spectacular hidden gems in this travel show dedicated to the world’s most remote luxury hotels.

The World’s Most Secret Hotels explores chalets perched 6,000 feet above an Alaskan glacier, hobbit-like huts, magical treetop cabins, a rustic retreat nestled among Stone Age ruins, a luxury resort hidden in the Middle East’s Grand Canyon and a hotel only accessible via zip wire! See some of the world’s most unique and amazing places to stay.