24 Hours on Earth

The changing position of the sun in the sky affects the behavior of animals and plants across our planet. From the moment it rises, animals are waiting, ready to take advantage of the opportunities that the sun creates. This eye-opening nature documentary reveals the way that creatures adapt to the changes that night and day bring. Some thrive in the Sun, others wait until night to emerge.

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24 Hours on Earth on BBC Select

Ep 1: Day
Following the extraordinary creatures that use the power of the sun to survive and thrive.

As the sun rises, plants and animals that depend on its power quickly exploit the solar rays. This intriguing nature documentary follows the wildlife that thrives in daytime. A quirky chameleon uses solar power to survive, while a family of lemurs get a morning heat fix. But, as the day progresses and the sun climbs higher, animals must also react and protect themselves from its immense power.

Ep 2: Night
As the sun vanishes and night falls, some creatures exploit and thrive in the darkness.

As the sun disappears behind the horizon everything changes for life on Earth. The sun’s great power, its light and heat, are lost. This mesmerizing natural history documentary looks at creatures who are center stage at night, with specialist skills ready to make the most of the conditions that the darkest hours will bring. The sun may be gone, but its power still rules the nighttime world.

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