True Crime Documentaries

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BBC Select delves into the world of true crime with a range of eye-opening documentaries. Learn more about crimes that made the headlines including the Wests and Jimmy Saville, shocking misdemeanors from recent times in Britain and America, as well as unlawful acts from the past including the crimes of Jack the Ripper.

Body On The Beach: What Happened to Annie?

Body On The Beach: What Happened to Annie?

In December 2005, a dog walker discovered the body of a Swedish woman on a beach on Scotland’s west coast. Annie Börjesson’s family were told the 30-year-old died by suicide. But, as Hazel Martin learns in this intriguing true crime documentary, something felt wrong and many questions soon emerged. Why was Annie carrying her passport? And why didn’t she board her flight at Prestwick airport?

Girl, Taken

Girl, Taken

A baby girl is stolen from a mother’s hospital bedside three days after her birth. 17 years later, she is discovered when her family enrolls a second daughter in a new school. But that is just the start of the story. This incredible true crime documentary unravels the extraordinary tale of crime and coincidence and follows two broken families trying to reunite and forgive.

Killed by a Rich Kid

Killed by a rich kid

In March 2019, Yousef Makki was stabbed in the heart by a friend in a wealthy Manchester suburb. This thought- provoking, emotional true crime documentary takes a forensic look at the killing and subsequent trial of Yousef’s friend, who confessed to the crime, and explores the reasons behind it. It reveals a complicated story of wealth, privilege, class and justice in today’s Britain.

Moors Murders

moors murders

It was a crime that stunned a nation. Britain’s most infamous serial killers, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, tortured and murdered a number of children in the 1960s. This true crime documentary uses never-before-seen prison letters from Brady and Hindley to provide a new insight on the killings and the killers. The series asks how this couple could commit such evil acts.

The Murder of Meredith

Murder of Meredith

Thursday 1st November 2007 was the last time Meredith Kercher was seen alive. Over the next eight years, Meredith’s story would be eclipsed by Amanda Knox, accused of being one of the people responsible for Meredith’s death. Told by those involved in the case, this true crime documentary examines the evidence and the errors that left Meredith’s family with more questions than answers.