How did Hitler and the Nazis seize power in Germany?

Stream Rise of the Nazis Season 1 and 2 on BBC Select. This in-depth BBC World War II documentary series examines how Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party rose to power in 1930s Germany and how they brutally retained control and destroyed democracy.

Rise of the Nazis Season One explores the missed opportunities to stop Hitler prior to World War 2 and takes us inside the minds of those that fought against fascism and the Nazis themselves.

Rise of the Nazis Season Two begins in 1940. Hitler’s plan for world domination appeared to be gaining momentum. Countries have fallen and enemies were vanquished with ease.

But his decision to open an Eastern Front and attack Russia was the beginning of the end for the Nazis and World War 2. Rise of the Nazis explores why Hitler’s plans changed and the disastrous consequences of the Nazi’s actions.

With contributions from historians and experts, Rise of the Nazis BBC docu-drama series provides a fresh perspective on Hitler’s leadership and the crimes committed during his reign.

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Rise of the Nazis on BBC Select

Rise of the Nazis Season 1:

Episode 1 – Politics

The Nazis used political maneuvering, blatant power grabs, and brute force to realize their evil ends. Hitler knew that only by looking like a legitimate electable party could he begin to destroy Germany’s democracy from within. The nation’s politicians failed to appreciate the diabolical pact they were making with the leader of the Nazis, which would lead to their ultimate destruction.

Episode 2 – The First Six Months in Power

At the start of 1933, Hitler was chancellor of Germany, but he wanted to increase his stranglehold on power. So he set his sights on dismantling the German state from within. As his political maneuvering increased, the building of secret death camps began, designed to silence his critics. As opposition was violently quashed, the SS grew in strength and a dictatorship began to take hold.

Episode 3 – Night of the Long Knives

The brutality of Hitler and his overwhelming lust for power are soon on display as he continues to destroy Germany’s democracy from within. Members of the aristocratic elite are still in positions of power, but soon the Nazis and their violent stormtrooper hordes silence even the slightest criticism. Even those closest to Hitler realize that he cannot be trusted and everyone is expendable.

Rise of the Nazis Season 2:

Episode 1 – Double Cross

In 1941, Hitler’s vision of a Nazi dominated world was coming into focus. He was winning the war and Germany’s forces were rolling across Europe. A pact with Russian leader Stalin appeared to make Hitler invincible. But he soon double-crossed his new allies and prepared to attack, leading to some of the war’s most brutal combat. This documentary investigates why Hitler made this disastrous choice.

Episode 2 – Final Showdown

It’s 1942, and Hitler has just lost the Battle of Moscow. Furious at this defeat, he takes charge of his armed forces. Meanwhile, Stalin plans a huge offensive against the Nazis. He’s warned against such action, and he too dismisses his top military brass. Now both dictators are in sole charge of their own destinies. In Stalin, Hitler had met his match and it was now a fight to the death.

Episode 3 – All is Lost

Hitler attempted to outflank and outthink Stalin, but ultimately lost. Defeated, he retreated from public view as his inner circle vied for power around him. Elsewhere in Germany, the mood also changed. A daring assassination plot nearly killed Hitler, while students attempting to form resistance groups against the Nazis paid a devastating price for their actions.

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