Investigative documentaries

No stone is left unturned in these top-quality investigative documentaries on BBC Select. If you live in Canada or the US, sign up for BBC Select to follow world-renowned presenters, such as Louis Theroux and Tom Hardy, as they dig deeper into the heart of stories that matter.

Look Away

Stream Look Away on BBC Select

The worlds of TV and film have been rocked by countless shocking stories detailing the abuse and mistreatment of women.

Is the music industry now due its own #MeToo moment?

In this disturbing documentary, women who were groomed in their early teen years come forward to tell their stories. Some of the music business’s biggest stars are implicated.

Taken: Hunting the Sex Traffickers

Stream Taken: Hunting the Sex Traffickers on BBC Select

Watch on BBC Select as this gripping true crime documentary tackles the distressing world of human trafficking.

Filmed over three years, this is the inside story of a police investigation into a criminal gang, who snatched young girls from the streets of South America and forced them to sell their bodies in the UK.

Can the detectives track down the crime network’s elusive leader?

Children of God

Stream the Children of God documentary on BBC Select

For 18 years, Sylvia Padilla and her children lived within the controversial cult known as Children of God.

After Sylvia fled the group, allegations of sexual and financial exploitation were made. But this global organization denies the allegations and still flourishes to this day.

This gripping documentary about the Children of God cult on BBC Select explores its story to try and discover what really took place.

The Hunt for Russia's Superyachts

Watch The Hunt for Russia's Superyachts on BBC Select

For many Russian oligarchs, their superyachts are their most prized assets. But when Russia invaded Ukraine, these superyachts soon became targets for an unprecedented set of sanctions by the US, EU and UK. Some yachts were seized, others tried to hide them in a hurry.

This thrilling documentary tells the inside story of the game of cat and mouse between the yacht hunters and Russia’s rich set.

Disaster Deniers: Hunting the Trolls

Disaster Deniers: Hunting the Trolls

What happens when tragedy makes you a target? The BBC’s disinformation correspondent Marianna Spring investigates why survivors of major terror attacks are hounded by conspiracy theorists who claim they are ‘crisis actors’.

As US broadcaster Alex Jones is ordered to pay nearly $1bn to families of the Sandy Hook school shooting, Marianna hunts the disaster trolls who target victims of tragedy in this investigative documentary.