Are you Team Believer or Team Skeptic? Danny Robins brings his hit BBC paranormal podcast to the screen, investigating stories of bizarre, unexplained happenings. Was a young girl visited by the apparition of an Edwardian school teacher? Were a teenage boy and his family subjected to a vicious poltergeist attack? And were students preyed upon by a malevolent force? It’s about to get weird.

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Ep 1- Case 1: Miss Howard
Danny Robins meets Cate, who believes she grew up in a haunted house in the 1970s.

Are ghosts real? Cate certainly thinks so, as she witnessed the apparition of an Edwardian school teacher called Miss Howard in her home in the 1970s. Paranormal investigator Danny Robins brings his hit BBC podcast to the screen and tries to get to the bottom of Cate’s story. Was this a legitimate haunting by an unhappy spirit? Or could there be a logical, medical reason for these experiences?

Ep 2- Case 2: The Bearpark Poltergeist
Something is downstairs…

Was Ian’s childhood home haunted by a malevolent entity? As a teenager, Ian experienced phenomena that seemed to defy rational explanation. He believes his house was haunted by an entity which would shake drawers, ring bells and even flush the toilet. Paranormal podcaster Danny Robins investigates Ian’s story and tries to work out if there could be a scientific reason for the happenings or if the activity points to an unhappy spirit.

Ep 3- Case 3: The Oxford Exorcism
Could the case of a student house haunted by a malevolent entity be a shared delusion?

In the early 1990s, three students at Oxford University are about to experience the house share from hell… Paranormal investigator Danny Robins meets Heather, who believes this house was haunted by a malevolent entity. In one of the most unsettling cases Danny has ever come across, he hears of an exorcism that goes disastrously wrong. What could be be hind these strange happenings?

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