True Crime Documentaries

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BBC Select delves into the world of true crime with a range of eye-opening documentaries. Learn more about crimes that made the headlines including the Wests and Jimmy Saville, shocking misdemeanors from recent times in Britain and America, as well as unlawful acts from the past including the crimes of Jack the Ripper.

Look Away

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The worlds of TV and film have been rocked by countless shocking stories detailing the abuse and mistreatment of women.

Is the music industry now due its own #MeToo moment?

In this disturbing documentary, women who were groomed in their early teen years come forward to tell their stories. Some of the music business’s biggest stars are implicated.

Married to a Psychopath

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Former police detective Charles Henry had a long and distinguished career. But his most unforgettable assignment was the case of Malcolm Webster, a heartless psychopath who killed his wife and attempted to kill two others.

In this true-crime documentary, Charles revisits the most disturbing case of his career. This is the never-before-told story of how one small-town detective brought a ruthless killer to justice.

Taken: Hunting the Sex Traffickers

Stream Taken: Hunting the Sex Traffickers on BBC Select

Watch on BBC Select as this gripping true crime documentary tackles the distressing world of human trafficking.

Filmed over three years, this is the inside story of a police investigation into a criminal gang, who snatched young girls from the streets of South America and forced them to sell their bodies in the UK.

Can the detectives track down the crime network’s elusive leader?

Taken: Putin’s Stolen Children

Taken: Putin’s Stolen Children

It’s every parent’s worst fear. The nightmare of a child being taken. Thousands of Ukrainian children have been kidnapped by Russia and their families are desperate to get them back. This true crime documentary, part detective story, part thriller, sees investigators trying to piece together what has happened and who is responsible. It’s a case that leads to the very top of the Russian state.

Lady Killers with Lucy Worsley

Lady Killers with Lucy Worsley

Lady Killers With Lucy Worsley is the smash hit historical true-crime podcast, now appearing for the first time as a video podcast on BBC Select. Join Lucy and a team of female detectives investigating ordinary lives, and extraordinary crimes, of women from the past using a contemporary feminist perspective. This series includes Mary Surratt, accused of conspiring to assassinate a US President.