True crime documentaries

BBC Select delves into the world of past and present true crime, hosting a number of disturbing BBC documentaries. You can watch these studies featuring the likes of Jack the Ripper and Jimmy Saville in the US and Canada today.

Catching The Black Cab Rapist

Stream Catching the Black Cab Rapist on BBC Select

John Worboys preyed on the women of London, drugging, raping and sexually assaulting over 100 victims in his taxi cab between 2000 and 2008.

In this chilling true crime documentary on BBC Select, some of his victims and the police team that finally cracked the case discuss flaws in the original investigation.

Why did it take so long to bring Britain’s most prolific serial rapist to justice?

A Very British Murder

Watch A Very British Murder on BBC Select

Murder: why are we so fascinated by this grisly subject? Renowned historian Lucy Worsley delves into some of the most notorious killings from the past and looks at the way they were reflected in the art and entertainment of the time in this BBC Select true crime documentary. From Jack the Ripper to Agatha Christie, what does this murderous obsession tell us about the British psyche?

Crime and Punishment

Watch Crime and Punishment on BBC Select today

BBC Select presents this BAFTA-nominated documentary series that delves into all aspects of the UK criminal justice system. Watch Season 1 and 2

Highlighting the work of British police, probation, prison and parole, this eye-opening documentary series unearths the challenges and dangers faced daily by justice professionals coping with stretched resources and increasing pressure.

Dark Son: The Hunt for a Serial Killer

Stream Dark Son - Hunt for a Serial Killer on BBC Select

The so-called ‘Jack the Stripper’ murders took place in Swinging Sixties London. Six women lost their lives to a sadistic killer who was never caught.

Criminologist David Wilson leads an investigation that tries to unmask the murderer, who claimed more victims than his notorious namesake Jack the Ripper. The team soon unearth disturbing clues that could link the murders to another vicious crime.

The Murder Detectives

Stream The Murder Detectives on BBC Select

Filmed with unprecedented access, a real-life murder is explored. A 19-year-old is killed, a life cut short by a senseless stabbing. A detective is faced with a whodunit, a grieving family is desperate for justice and another will do anything to save their son from jail.

Over three episodes, the series is shot with a drama-like quality, but the far-reaching consequences are anything but fiction.