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Rediscover the Queens who shaped a King & his legacy in The Six Queens of Henry VIII, BBC’s new look at the King’s infamous wives.

He wanted his marriage to Catherine of Aragon to be annulled by the Pope, but the Catholic Church wouldn’t allow it. So Henry VIII embarked on establishing the Church of England in what is now known as the English Reformation.

Henry VIII’s reign was defined by his marriages. Coercion, manipulation and ultimately murder were all employed, as this absorbing BBC Select history documentary reveals.

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,Stream The Six Queens Of Henry VIII. BBC’s new look at the infamous wives.

Wives were selected and discarded for political and religious reasons and in a desperate attempt to sire an heir. This fascinating documentary uncovers the passions that created Henry VIII’s six wives, the obsessions that darkened them and the betrayals that brought them to an end. Dan Jones and Suzannah Lipscomb ask what these turbulent relationships tell us about England’s legendary king.

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Stream The Six Queens of Henry VIII on BBC Select

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