Elizabeth & Margaret: Love and Loyalty

Princess Margaret is dismissed as a party-going rebel who embarrassed her sister Queen Elizabeth due to her scandalous life. But, as this fascinating documentary reveals, behind closed doors Margaret sacrificed her own happiness for her big sister and the crown. And when Elizabeth became the most famous woman in the world, the pressure threatened to destroy their relationship.

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Elizabeth & Margaret: Love and Loyalty on BBC Select

Ep 1: Sibling Rivalry
Their bond was inseparable, but something soon threatened the sisters’ relationship.

Sisters Elizabeth and Margaret were raised as ‘extra royals’. No one thought that Elizabeth would become queen, so the siblings were treated like twins, even dressing in identical outfits. This fascinating history documentary delves into their early years in the royal household. When Elizabeth fell in love with a handsome prince, the sisters’ bond was threatened, and Margaret’s partying began.

Ep 2: Scandal and Salvation
Was Princess Margaret’s scandalous love life a sacrifice to save her sister the Queen?

With Elizabeth now queen, the relationship between the royal sisters is under pressure. She is forced into a life of duty, learning to reign whilst juggling motherhood and marriage. But as this intriguing history documentary reveals, Margaret feels compelled to seek solace elsewhere and her love life starts to make headlines. But was she sacrificing her own happiness to save her sister?

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