Spectacular Earth

Spectacular Earth

Get closer than ever before to some of the world’s most stunning phenomena and discover the extraordinary forces that coincide to make each mesmerizing spectacle happen. This astonishing natural history documentary looks at the science and spectacle behind, lightning, megawaves, volcanoes and auroras to discover what causes them and the devastating damage they can inflict.

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Episode 1: Lightning
An examination of the hottest natural phenomenon on the planet: lightning.

In Arizona, lightning strikes from so high above the ground, through such clear air, that it creates the perfect conditions for the most electrifying show on Earth. This remarkable natural history documentary also reveals the science behind cloud-fall on Table Mountain in South Africa, a frozen waterfall in the Alps and the vast wildflower blooms of the South African veldt.

Episode 2: Megawave
Looking at the phenomena of megawaves, with specialist jet-ski cameras riding the waves.

Nazaré in Portugal is the site of the biggest ocean waves ever recorded on Earth. To understand the science behind these monsters, this stunning natural history documentary plunges beneath the waves to reveal the sprawling landscapes of the seabed. It also travels to South Africa and witnesses the Sardine Run, captures a circular rainbow at Victoria Falls and chases tornados in the Midwest.

Episode 3: Volcano
A look at volcanic eruptions using drones to get as close to the action as possible.

Volcan del Fuego in Guatemala is one of the most explosive volcanoes of them all. This jaw-dropping natural history documentary gets right inside this phenomenon using drones and by lowering a data gathering probe into the crater to unearth the science before it erupts. There are also spectacular flamingos flocking in Kenya, and a dramatic boiling geyser in Iceland.

Episode 4: Aurora
Experts and scientists reveal the science behind the incredible spectacle of the aurora.

The largest of all of Earth’s spectacular displays stretches across thousands of kilometers in the night sky: the Aurora Borealis. The arctic wilderness of Northern Sweden is one of the best places to witness the aurora and this natural history documentary sets up camp there. Plus, the beauty of total eclipses is explored and mass turtle migrations in Costa Rica are recorded.

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