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29th April 2021

CONSPIRACIES featuring Jamelle Bouie

The Drop: 1 unique take, 3 documentaries. This week: Conspiracies featuring Jamelle Bouie.

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28th April 2021

The Battle for Britney, now streaming on BBC Select

The all-new documentary on BBC Select seeks to uncover the truth behind Britney's 13-year long conservatorship.

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22nd April 2021

AGING featuring Chuck D

The Drop on BBC Select is a weekly curated collection of documentaries. The latest bundle focuses on Aging, with an exclusive think piece from Grammy-award winning rapper Chuck D.

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15th April 2021

FASCISM featuring Elif Shafak

Is fascism simply evil? Writer Elif Shafak isn’t so sure. We learn of Hitler’s ascent to power in Rise of the Nazi’s, the modern far right in Germany’s New Nazis and investigate North Korea’s regime in North Korea: Voices from the State.

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8th April 2021

SELFIES featuring Ai Weiwei

The Drop: 1 unique take, 3 documentaries. This week: The Selfie featuring Ai Weiwei. Where does self expression meet self-obsession?

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1st April 2021

RITUALS featuring Padma Lakshmi

This week’s Drop examines rituals and the part they play in modern life with an exclusive take from author and activist Padma Lakshmi.

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31st March 2021

Celebrating Women's History

This week on BBC Select, we take a look at a range of stories across arts, politics and culture, centring, and fronted by women.

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25th March 2021


Why is sensitivity seen as a female trait? Is it an insult to be told you write like a woman?

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18th March 2021

LIES featuring Malcolm Gladwell

The Drop: 1 unique take, 3 documentaries. This week, Author Malcolm Gladwell explores: are we really that good at spotting liars?

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11th March 2021

THE VIRUS DROP featuring Lionel Shriver

This week’s Drop is going viral: Author Lionel Shriver discusses how events like a global pandemic could impact our future freedoms.

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