Earth's Great Seasons

Every year, spectacular seasons transform our planet. As they sweep across the world, they drive all life on earth, bringing huge opportunities and great challenges. This compelling nature documentary, narrated by Sherlock’s Andrew Scott, presents remarkable moments seen during spring, summer, fall and winter. Across the planet, animals and plant life must adapt to survive the seasons.

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Ep 1: Spring
Spring brings new life to the planet. But there’s a race to find food, shelter and a mate.

The magical season of spring brings a burst of new life. But as soon as the air starts to warm, it’s a race to wake up and get ahead of everyone else. This fascinating nature documentary, narrated by Andrew Scott, celebrates spring on planet
earth, and the tricks that all animals, from adventurous grizzly bear cubs to amorous dancing grebes, find to rise to the new challenges the season brings.

Ep 2: Summer
Summer is a time of abundance, but animals must quickly capitalize on these good times.

With the sun shining and flowers blooming, summer is the season of splendid abundance, and the long hours of daylight make life burst out in a riot of activity. But, as this intriguing nature documentary illustrates, you have to find clever ways to get your share of the good times while they last. From sneaky ring-tailed lemurs to battling ibex, summer is a time when the living is not always easy.

Ep 3: Autumn
Fall is a time of spectacular natural transformations as creatures prepare for the cold.

Fall is the time of year that brings the world’s most spectacular transformations. With winter approaching, creatures must feed up while they can, fight for their last chance to breed and rush to grow up before the cold returns. This thrilling nature documentary witnesses chipmunks and beavers dashing to stash their winter supplies, while musk oxen and beetles battle for mates.

Ep 4: Winter
To survive the savage winter, animals must find inventive ways to adapt or take shelter.

With their world encased in snow and ice, animals must find the most inventive ways to survive winter and even benefit from the cold. This remarkable nature documentary sees caribou become ice road travelers, stoats make their own fur
bedding and snow monkeys find a warm bath. Emperor penguins are built for the weather, but even they must find their own tricks to endure the savage season.

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