The Galapagos islands are a fascinating microcosm of natural life and home to some of the most astonishing creatures found anywhere on Earth. With spectacular cinematography from land, sea and air, and blending rugged volcanic landscapes with intimate animal behaviour, this ambitious wildlife documentary series brings this remarkable archipelago to captivating life.

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Episode 1: Born of Fire
The many unique creatures on the islands must develop extraordinary skills to survive.

How have the many extraordinary creatures of Galapagos developed to deal with life on this restless Pacific outpost? This astonishing wildlife documentary watches marine iguanas, the world’s only seagoing lizards, leaping off lava cliffs into treacherous surf. Galapagos giant tortoises are seen being groomed by Darwin’s finches, while the magical courtship display of the albatross is revealed.

Episode  2: The Islands That Changed the World
How this tiny island chain helped to change our understanding of life on the planet.

The first person in history to set foot on Galapagos, the Bishop of Panama, deemed it a hellish place. In 1835, Charles Darwin’s visit would lead to a transformation of our understanding of life on Earth. From flightless cormorants hunting underwater to giant tortoises courting on an active volcano, this incredible wildlife documentary reveals why it is such a fascinating showcase for evolution.

Episode 3: Forces of Change
The remarkable ways that local species have evolved to survive in their environment.

The animals and plants of Galapagos have evolved the most surprising ways to cope with the profound geological and climatic forces around them. This groundbreaking wildlife documentary reveals just some of these, including female land iguanas climbing the harshest terrain to lay their eggs and the most bizarre collection of plankton rising from the abyss in the middle of the night.

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