David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities

Across his legendary career, David Attenborough has encountered a baffling array of weird and wonderful creatures. And, in this fascinating and playful documentary series, he’s delving deeper into the stories of bizarre animal behavior. He witnesses curious creature adaptations, peculiar mating rituals and intriguing, mysterious habits from some of the planet’s oddest inhabitants.

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David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities on BBC Select

Series 1
David Attenborough examines the mysteries behind fascinating creatures and plants. He has spent a lifetime documenting the natural world. He’s met a great number of nature’s most extraordinary creatures, yet there are certain stories of bewildering animals that continue to intrigue him. In this fascinating natural history documentary, he explores the stories behind various natural curiosities, from zebra stripes to the mysterious egg-laying platypus.

Ep 1: Stretched to the Limit
David Attenborough examines the story of the chameleon’s tongue and the giraffe’s neck.

Some animals appear to have taken nature’s gifts and stretched them to extreme limits. In this remarkable natural history documentary, David Attenborough looks at the chameleon’s tongue and the giraffe’s neck. One animal ended up with a super-stretched neck, the other a stretchy tongue. In both cases nature has found a way to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Ep 2: A Curious Hoax?
David Attenborough examines the cases of the mysterious platypus and tadpole.

Nature can be so baffling we sometimes don’t believe what we see. David Attenborough discovers the curiosities connected to the platypus and the tadpole in this illuminating natural history documentary. The attributes of these animals, one laying eggs the other transforming into a frog, are so extraordinary, they have led to accusations of forgery and have ultimately made us rethink evolution.

Ep 3: Young Wrinklies
David Attenborough examines the overtly wrinkly skin of the elephant and the mole rat.

Aging and eternal youth seem to fascinate us. In this enlightening natural history documentary, David Attenborough encounters two examples where curious bodies and extreme lifestyles may unlock the secrets of the ageing process and longevity. For the elephant and the mole rat, the wrinkly skin of these animals has nothing to do with age but helps them to survive in their environments.

Ep 4: A Curious Twist
David Attenborough examines the narwhal’s tusk and the spiral shells found on snails.

Both the narwhal and the snail have developed a twist. The narwhal has its ferocious tusk while the humble snail carries its chic mobile home on its back. In this curious natural history documentary, David Attenborough questions why spirals are so widespread in nature. He gleans some answers by looking at a variety of animals that feature a spiral in their physical make up.

Ep 5: Seeing the Pattern
David Attenborough examines a zebra’s stripes and the patterned wings of a butterfly.

Animals that are beautifully patterned or brilliantly colored have attracted the attention of collectors for centuries. David Attenborough examines a zebra’s stripes and the wings of a butterfly in this intriguing natural history documentary. Using modern tools and techniques, he attempts to unlock the secrets of animal patterns that have bedazzled and baffled science for a long time.

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