Penguins: Spy In The Huddle

penguins: spy in the huddle

Discover what it really means to be a penguin as the latest spy cameras give us a whole new perspective on their behavior. This groundbreaking wildlife documentary travels the world to focus on emperor, Humbolt and rock-hopper penguins. Get the inside track on all the drama and challenges they face throughout the year, as well as capturing plenty of comedy moments!

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Penguins: Spy In The Huddle on BBC Select

Ep 1: The Journey
Robotic penguins with cameras for eyes capture journeys faced by their real counterparts.

In a technological first, robotic penguins with cameras for eyes follow their real-life counterparts as they journey to their breeding grounds. This fascinating wildlife documentary follows emperor penguins as they cross a treacherous frozen sea. Rockhoppers brave the world’s stormiest oceans, only to come ashore and face a daunting assault up a 300-foot cliff, hopping most of the way up.

Ep 2: First Steps
Watched by cleverly disguised spy cams, penguin chicks are seen hatching out all over.

Watched by innovative animatronic spy cams disguised as penguins, chicks are witnessed hatching as never seen before. This fascinating wildlife documentary sees male emperors form an identity parade before handing over their newborns to the returning females. On the Falklands, rockhopper chicks meet some unruly neighbors: cormorants. In Peru, Humboldt chicks emerge into a harsh desert landscape.

Ep 3: Growing Up
Spy cams watch as younger penguins prepare to strike out on their own for the first time.

From egg to adolescence, the incredible animatronic spy cams have been following the young penguins through their treacherous early months. And they are also with them as they leave, as this astonishing wildlife documentary watches them take their first steps into the wider world. It will be years before they follow in their parents’ footsteps and return to breed.

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