Where the Wild Men Are with Ben Fogle

Where the Wild Men Are with Ben Fogle

Adventurer Ben Fogle meets those who have rejected the trappings of a Western lifestyle and set up home in some of the most isolated places on the planet. In this revealing travel documentary, he meets a former punk who enjoys a ‘prehistoric’ existence, lives the nomadic life in Tanzania, joins a former war correspondent in the Canadian countryside and discovers missionaries in deepest Mongolia.

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Where the Wild Men Are with Ben Fogle on BBC Select

Episode 1: Washington State
Adventurer Ben Fogle journeys to the Pacific Northwest and meets a prehistoric punk.

Adventurer Ben Fogle journeys to the Pacific Northwest to live with British-born Lynx Vilden. As this intriguing travel documentary reveals, this former punk-rock wild-child has spent more than half her life hunting, eating and sleeping in the wilderness. Lynx teaches Ben the tricks of surviving this Stone Age lifestyle and discovers her mission to convince the rest of us to ‘become prehistoric’.

Episode 2: Tanzania
Ben Fogle travels to Tanzania and lives nomadically in an unexplored African landscape.

Adventurer Ben Fogle heads to Tanzania, living nomadically with Brit-born Moli and his wife Noelle. As this engrossing travel documentary reveals, they swapped a city life style for a vast wilderness and a new safari guiding business. In one of the wildest and least visited parks in the area, Ben experiences living alongside some of the most fearsome animals on Earth.

Episode 3: Hungary
Ben travels to remote Hungary and meets a couple who bought a derelict farmhouse online.

In 2015, Julia from South Africa and her British husband Gareth bought a derelict farmhouse online. They had never visited Eastern Europe before but wanted a new low-impact, self-sufficient life style. In this fascinating travel documentary, Ben Fogle meets them at the property in the Hungarian countryside, helps install a window and assists as they try to buy chickens in the local market.

Episode 4: Canada
Ben Fogle journeys into the Canadian wilderness to meet renowned grizzly bear guides.

Ben Fogle journeys into the Canadian countryside and meets Julius and Kristin in a remote mountain valley lodge. In this eye-opening travel documentary, he discovers how the former war correspondent became one of North America’s top grizzly bear guides. Ben joins his hosts as they prepare for the adventure of bear viewing season and heads out on a 24-hour trek to find new ground away from hunters.

Episode 5: Ibiza
Ben Fogle joins a remarkable commune in a secluded valley on the Spanish island of Ibiza.

In the secluded Ibizan countryside, Ben Fogle visits a commune, the brainchild of ex-navy officer Chris. For 30 years, he has lived in the untamed heart of this Spanish island. In this revealing travel documentary, Ben discovers why this self-confessed playboy has shunned a life of excess for a back-to-basics lifestyle and why he’s built a commune from the
rubbish that partygoers leave behind.

Episode 6: Mongolia
Ben ventures deep into the freezing tundra of Mongolia to meet remarkable missionaries.

Ben ventures deep into the freezing tundra of Mongolia on the longest adventure he’s experienced. In this intriguing travel documentary, he meets Micky and Trina, who left behind American comforts for a new life style as missionaries in a country they knew nothing about. Despite freezing conditions and near-death experiences, Ben discovers they have made a huge impact in this remote area.

Episode 7: North Carolina
Ben heads to a secret location in the Appalachian Mountains to meet a wild community.

Ben heads to a secret location in the USA’s Appalachian Mountains to live with forest dweller, Tod and his own wild community. In this engrossing travel documentary, Ben finds out why his host stripped away all the complications of modernity for a life in the woods following his own rules. Ben embrace the forest lifestyle life, making fires, digging clay for pots, processing bear and foraging.

Episode 8: Morocco
Ben is in rural Morocco, with a couple whose dream of a simple life is collapsing.

Ben is in the Moroccan countryside, near the Atlas Mountains, staying with Dina and Mostafa, who shunned the American dream to live a simple life style in a mud house. In this revealing travel documentary, Ben meets them at breaking point, as they have no money left and the land they’ve purchased can’t sustain them. Ben tries to play apart in improving their chances of surviving.

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