Animals In Love

Animals in love

Do penguins fall in love? How do capuchin monkeys flirt? Can hyenas get first date jitters? Liz Bonnin reveals the surprising similarities between humans and animals in pursuing a mate and maintaining a relationship in this fascinating natural history documentary. Discover how flamingos spruce themselves up to attract a mate and the bonobos who believe laughter is the true relationship secret.

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Episode 1: Do Animals Love?
Liz Bonnin meets elephants with a lifelong friendship and a remarkable pair of penguins.

For centuries it was thought that animals did not share the same emotions as us. But new science is starting to change that view. Liz Bonnin sets out to explore the complex and diverse relationships that animals have and asks whether animals love in this intriguing natural history documentary. She meets a pair of extraordinary elephants, a devoted goose and an unusual penguin couple.

Episode 2: Getting Together
Liz Bonnin uncovers the weird and wonderful ways that different species attract a mate.

The first step in finding a partner is catching their eye. Liz Bonnin sets out to uncover the weird and wonderful ways that different species go about getting together in this illuminating natural history documentary. She meets flirtatious capuchin monkeys in South America, some incredible animal disco divas and fashion-forward flamingos determined to stand out from the crowd.

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